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Our pub restaurant & leisure cleaning ensures a highly professional hospitality experience

We appreciate how demanding customers can be and that they might have high expectations of your front of house presentation and even more important, your back of house cleanliness and cleaning practices and procedures

Whether your hospitality business is a traditional pub, a stylish bar or restaurant, independent or part of a managed chain, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are the very least to be expected from your business.

We also understand that, in a climate where every penny counts, hospitality businesses are balancing a very tight budget. With more than 30 years’ cleaning experience within the hospitality industry,  we can provide a very cost-efficient cleaning service.

 Back of house restaurant cleaning services include:

  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Sanitisation of all surfaces (cutting boards, reach-in, line, prep tables)
  • Emptying and cleaning of fryers
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Covering all bins in reach in cooler with plastic wrap
  • Washing floor mats
  • Sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor
  • Cleaning walk-in refrigerator
  • Cleaning out grease traps
  • Changing foil linings of grill, range and flat tops
  • Cleaning hood filters and canopy
  • Cleaning staff toilet and washroom facilities

Front of house restaurant cleaning services include:

  • Facades, canopy and window cleaning
  • Entrance areas and foyers
  • Bar cleans
  • Standing and seating areas
  • Floor cleaning, mopping, sweeping, refinishing and polishing
  • Exterior jet washing and patio cleaning
  • Cleaning tables and surfaces
  • Food warmers, buffet hot plates and display cabinets
  • Spot cleaning
  • Cleaning bathrooms, sinks, toilets and urinals
  • Emptying and sanitising rubbish and recycling bins
  • Restocking washroom consumables
  • Cleaning air-conditioner vents

In addition to offering back and front of house cleaning services we can also offer your premises hygiene audits and support to help you achieve and maintain high environmental health ratings, click here for more details.

Our Hospitality cleaning services start from £18 per hour

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