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Here at Diamond Shine we look after lots of offices, Our typical clients have 10 to 1,000 employees and require professional, reliable cleaning services for their offices on a daily basis.

We want our clients to enjoy spotless work places, whether they are small businesses or big companies with multiple locations.

Our full service cleaning is customised to your particular office needs with many options on offer.

Our services cover every corner of your office and building space, from grand atrium receptions to welcoming washrooms, from work stations to window cleaning.

We can put in place daily, weekly or monthly cleaning agreements.

We can also deal with specific commercial office cleaning needs:

Specialist Floor Cleaning Services

Well-kept floors make all the difference to the appearance and the feel good factor in an office. We provide regular carpet spot cleans as a part of our standard services when cleaning your office, We can also build in periodic carpet cleans, particularly for high traffic areas.

Hard floors are usually mopped on a daily basis. Or spray buffed – depending on the surface. But to keep them in the best condition they will probably require periodic stripping and re-sealing.

Computer / IT Cleaning Services

Our technical team will conduct a full risk assessment of your office and the articles within them. We are experienced in all aspects of clean rooms with a full understanding of what can be cleaned and what can’t. All of this will be specified in collaboration with you, of course, taking into account the need to minimise interruption along with the needs of the business. Ceiling voids, under floor cabling, server racks/switch rooms are examples of areas that we are familiar with.

Deep Cleans

Inevitably the fabric of certain areas deteriorates over time. This particularly applies to kitchens and toilets. We have a dedicated team that are very good in both of these areas. It is very important to use best equipment and materials in deep clean scenarios:

Commissioning Cleaning

This is a service that can be very similar to deep cleans in that it will entail getting a building up to scratch after builders have left. Being able to scale up quickly is key. This means people as well as equipment and materials. Job specification and setting of parameters is also very important in what is often a chaotic environment. And finally – flexibility. The situation changes as time goes by, and the team will often be asked to get involved in ad hoc areas.

Prices start from £18 per hour

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